We are often commissioned to design moodboards for interior & exterior palettes, for both small and large projects. We have also been collaborating with companies who would like a fresh look at their colour ranges and would like to feature ideas about how those colours can be used in an Architectural context.

Lisa looks at colour, materiality and texture for a property as a whole, both interior and exterior, so that the concept for the Architecture is cohesive. Her moodboards and sampleboards are designed for Architectural homes that stimulate the sense of touch, smell and movement and respond to light orientation, context and climate.

She develops a narrative and a strong conceptual idea around each project, and explains through the imagery how each item ties together with its context or the 'build' or 'brand' personality. Each board is collated and photographed by Lisa and provides a conceptual and practical guide to a materials palette best suited for the project.


DonnellDay Team

Lisa Day