Nice to meet you.

Day Architects was founded in 2008 by Lisa Day. Known across New Zealand as leaders in intuitive architecture, we have more than three decades of experience on award winning projects in NZ and the United Kingdom.

To every project we undertake, we bring feeling, expertise and ingenuity, along with professionalism, warmth and understanding. Our collective desire is to create spaces that are designed for people and connect them to the environment and community they live in.

At Day Architects, we’re known for having heart and soul, and utilising sustainable design techniques to make the most of light, site, budget and the environment.

Lisa Day

I’m driven by my intuition, innate skill and 24 years experience as a Registered Architect. After graduating from Auckland University School of Architecture as their senior scholar, I worked in high profile practices in New Zealand and the UK. Establishing Day Architects enabled me to focus on my passion for bespoke sustainable residential design for families and communities.

At DAY, every project is worked on by an experienced Registered Architect and technician team, combining idea and detail seamlessly. You will get to know us well over the course of your building journey.

We can also introduce you to builders and consultants – experts we have collaborated with before, who are passionate about creating high quality architecture and work well in a collaborative environment.

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