Sunny View Renovation Howick

Living spaces

The Shelly Park area in Howick has many generous two storey brick and tile homes built in the 1980s. This project was one of those homes, and the owners did not need to add more area, but instead their brief focussed on making the existing spaces work and flow better. An improved connection to the outdoors was core requirement, as were calm, light and open spaces that had a clean Scandinavian vibe. Improved insulation & windows, kitchen joinery and new entertaining deck areas have updated the home and provided a beautiful living environment.

The project was commenced during a lockdown - with ourselves and the clients both working remotely together, and then constructed over the following months that were affected by the pandemic. It was a challenging process (we like to be authentic here at Donnell Day!) but the results were well worth the journey.

The calm interiors that resulted are a testimony to the clients vision to create a warm and welcoming family haven. They constructed furniture and tables themselves and have created a home that will endure for years to come.


DonnellDay Team

Lisa Day, Scott Donnell.


Jessica Chloe Gernat