Heritage Renovation Remuera

Remuera Renovation

On the leafy northern slopes of Remuera, the owners of a beautiful heritage property required an extension to their home in order to improve the kitchen and living spaces at the rear of the site. Previous renovations had turned their back to the sloping garden and not enabled a connection to their main external living areas, the existing dining area was dark and within a corridor space.

Our solution was to create a new double gable wing that enables light to penetrate into the living and dining rooms, as well as providing room for the generous new kitchen. The use of battens and exposed rafters continues features of the heritage moulding and timber details that are evident through the rest of the house. This encourages a play of light over the surfaces while creating fresh new volumes that lift the eyes to the garden beyond.

Under Construction.


DonnellDay Team

Lisa Day, Adriana Toader