Architectural Models

The process of physically modelling an architecture concept is something that was often part of the design process. Today that has been largely over shadowed by computer models and renders that can achieve photo realistic imagery. Anyone with a mouse and CAD experience can create a semi-realistic impression of what your home or space may look like. Some renders take longer than others to dress up with furniture, gardens, plants, personalised details and create an atmosphere that evokes a feeling, while others can convey the basic spaces.

For us it has been refreshing to return to the physical model recently – it’s something that does engage you on a different level and provides a tangible, touchable experience – which is after all what we want our architecture to be!

This laser cut model made from plywood does take more time than the click of (several) buttons and the tick of the rendering clock … but we do enjoy the process of creating a miniature work of architecture that records the evolution of the design. The simplicity of the site and architecture does enable you to strip down to the essence of what the site and the concept is about. 

This project is now on site, and we are looking forward to being able to share the final version with you in a few months. 

It is with gratitude that architects generally employ graduates in the office (who have recent experience with architectural modelling that is required for passing their BArch university degree!) and this model is no exception. Thankyou Shanker for your detailed work in bringing this concept to life.

If you would like a physical model as part of your preliminary design or developed design stages in either cardboard or plywood, in addition to the interior and exterior renders – just ask, we are always keen to be able to communicate the ideas for your home in a way that speaks to you best.