Covid 19 Update

As I'm sure you are all well aware, shortly we will be moving into Level 3. For the construction sector, after the strict isolation restrictions of Level 4, builders will be able to return to sites to continue their projects, albeit with new health and safety measures in place.

The construction industry has issued some new protocols that can be found HERE.

There are two sets of protocols - one for the residential sector and another for the civil and vertical sectors. The standards set out the key principles and requirements for healthy and safe construction-related operations under COVID-19 Alert Levels 2 and 3. They represent current best practice, and the expectation is all construction sector businesses and workers will apply them, and do the right thing.
The protocols include guidance for businesses on creating a ‘
COVID-19 control plan’ including protocols around physical distancing, hygiene, site entry and exit, deliveries, and visitor protocols.

For Architects, these protocols apply when we visit site. For other stages of work, we will be restricted to undertaking Residential house 'measure-ups' at Level 2 only, and are to meet with clients (both new and existing) virtually until then. We have found that we can successfully progress new projects with council property data and surveys, and have been collaborating with our clients and consultants through Zoom, Teams and Skype.

Our work at stages from design to construction documentation (including the submission of consents for resource consents, and building consents) can happen online easily. This has enabled the flow of work to keep moving in the construction industry so that the builders will have projects to return to after restrictions ease, and clients have been able use the time to refine and develop their projects in a focussed way.

We hope that you have come through the lockdown period ok, and that while it has been an immensely challenging time on many levels, that you have discovered some simple pleasures of being at home with family. We hope to be able to support you with any new goals for your home or business that have been brewing during this time, and look forward to helping you achieve your dreams in the coming months.