How to write a brief for an Architect - PDF Download

You asked, and we have delivered.

You asked for an editable PDF form that would take you through the process of writing a Brief for an Architect.

This document not only teaches you how to identify and document your project brief, but it provides an editable form that you can fill in with your completed brief.

How will this help you achieve your new build or renovation goals?

  • It collates your ideas clearly and succinctly for your Architect to understand.
  • It gets you the bespoke house you want, that is tailored to your life and values.
  • Clear instructions and identification of your core values will take you from Pinterest/imagery overload, to understanding exactly what your home needs to deliver to achieve your goals.
  • You will understand the process of how to work with an Architect 
  • You will have a clear idea of how and WHEN to shape the project to best fit your budget.

You can download our free Ebook on How to write a Brief for an Architect Here!