Remedial work post Cyclone Gabrielle

The day has dawned with sunshine, but the real work now begins.

If your home has been impacted by flood water, leaks and high winds during the recent Cyclone Gabrielle, there are a few resources that my help you with the remedial work required.

The NZIA has helpfully summarised a few links dependant on whether your home or workplace has a red or yellow sticker, or require repair works. Some works involving the structure of the building may require building consent, other repairs will be able to be undertaken by a licensed builder or trade.

Buildings and worksites

Your building may require (or have had) a Rapid Building Assessment to work out if it is safe to occupy. The links below provide some more information on working on Flood damaged properties.

Managing buildings in an emergency

Managing buildings in an emergency – Rapid Building Assessment resources

Rapid Building Assessments – Auckland floods

Risk guide to working on flood damaged property

Restoration after a flood

Ensure you have taken photos of the damage to your property, and contacted your insurers as soon as possible.

Where a building repair will use like for like materials, and is a replacement of what was already there there you may not require a building consent. If, however, it requires structural elements to be replaced (including linings that are part of the bracing of the building) or if you are planning on upgrading or altering the building in some way, then you may require the submission of a building consent application. The below link provides information on how to restore and clean up your home after a flood, as well as determining the level of repair required.

Restoring a home after flood damage

Recovery and repair of your home or business after a flood and severe weather event can be an extremely stressful time. There are several packages of support for both wellbeing and financial support that are currently being prepared via the Government and IRD.

If you need assistance or support with building consent applications during this time, please do not hesitate to contact us.