Colorsteel moodboards NZ

Product sampleboard collaborations

Colorsteel NZ invited Day Architects to design a series of sampleboards for their colour collections. Using their range of 24 colours, Lisa designed custom palettes for each.

Each board is designed with a house in mind within the New Zealand landscape. They each contain a story of the land and people and what type of house that the colours could be potentially used for. The boards ranged from contemporary, heritage to mid century modern - highlighting the diversity of the use for projects around New Zealand.

They contain a range of both interior and exterior finishes to compliment the tones. Allowing the colour selections to feel cohesive between inside and out.

You can find these boards featured under the colour range for each project on the NZ Colorsteel Website, and a selection of the original boards at the Home ideas centre and the Bluescope steel offices.


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Lisa Day


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Lisa Day